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You will find even after you've dialed it in to where you like it, things still can change. The weather is prime example. Hot or cold, dry or humid, you will make slight variations in your hop up and sights from time to time. I take 3 min to dial in my rifle each and every game. I always find myself changing something ever so slightly to zero it in. The location changes from game to game and weather conditions keep me at it everytime I hit the field. I have a big yard myself and even though I zero it here, I still do it at games. So if you just want to target shoot from time to time, thats different than needing to dial in your weapon with new gear. Talk to other airsofters like myself who have the property to practice in and make new friends who will let you visit.

FYI, I live in Belleville, I'd let you if you lived closer. but sorry. Good luck!
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