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Originally Posted by Kishvardi View Post
I'm 32 and just getting into airsoft,I have M4 ris from ICS , G&G CM 16 CQB.I bought vest,helmet everything,and never played
I don't know nobody who's into airsoft,I don't want to go alone,I never done this before,I don't even know where to go play.
Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
Me too geared up but havent gamed yet
Will try for one by end of month, working on weekends is a b i t c h
Killing your fellow man on the battlefield is the oldest bonding ritual known to man

I didn't know anyone the first few times either and I was older then most. I kept coming back and staying till the end. Eventually they realized that resistance was futile and besides, they wanted me on their side
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