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Well to be honest. You came on here for opinions. Your getting honest ones. If you'd like only sugar coated responses. Please say so and we will all be sure too tell you your ideas are great.
Pistols would be easier to allow own use. Since most are standard an don't wry much in fps. Expensive up keep for constant use.
200 per pistol. Plus 30-50 per mag.
Add in 30 per best. 30 per helmet and another 30 per mask. You be averaging close to 400-500 per person per setup.
With your over head. You'll need to charge 30 a person to stay reasonable and get people to return.
So say you'll need 30 per game. That's 12-15 grand in gear. Without accounting for spares and other supplies like bbs.

So 900$ per game. Say a 5 hour game. You'll loose 100 or so to pay your refs at least 2 of them.

Than again. You need to personally go look at permits and insurance. Those is all mute if your insurance is going to run 400 a month and permits another 200 or more???
Let's tack rent and utilities in there for a decent warehouse at say. 5000$ a month. Just to even it out. Let's say ammo rent insurance etc pegs you at 6000$ not including initial purchases. Etc.
You would need to run 10 games a month at full cap to break even.

To manage that you'll be spending 1000 or more a month on advertising. So now u need 12 games a month.

But again. All complete waste without knowing what insurance and local permits will cost ya!

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