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Originally Posted by Kishvardi View Post
I'm 32 and just getting into airsoft,I have M4 ris from ICS , G&G CM 16 CQB.I bought vest,helmet everything,and never played
I don't know nobody who's into airsoft,I don't want to go alone,I never done this before,I don't even know where to go play.
HAVE you looked into the Ontario events sub-forum here - the above tells me that you haven't.

There are PLENTY of greater GTA events being held within an hours travel time from the city core. You are never alone - this is a team sport... you always have plenty of people to shoot with, and shoot at. You don't need to have pre-existing relationships/friendships to come along to events - you will make acquaintances as you go along, attending events, that I can assure you.

Everyone is new once.. all it takes, is one event to get that out of the way.
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