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that is a little more info

But realistically you really end to understand airsoft better, you are basically outside the sport and I suspect outside the firearms community as well.

But for starters you are looking at rental guns so about 11 guns 10 rentals + 1 spare. Full stocks for maximum battery size so AK or M16.

11 Guns plus 1 battery each call it 4400.00 Not top of the line but not cheap either. So you get about 4 years before significant breakdown if our field is any example.

11 paintball masks, you are renting and paying the insurance here so another 400 to 500.

Insurance I have no idea but lets say 250.00 / month

Property, I don't know about your part of the world but out on the west coast you would be looking 4000 to 5000 and month for a good sized warehouse space.

That would be the high side a group here used to rent and old crappy worn out ferry and that was 2400/ month

So be fair called 3500 / month space and utilities.

So initial investment call it 9000.00 assuming all permits etc can be obtained.

Now how much do you really think you can charge per person, if you go with 50.00 for a 6 hour day all bb's and equipment in that is 500 / day

7 days pays the rent call it 8 with taxes phone etc. That leaves 1 to make money. This is assuming weekends only, if you run nights etc you can do better.

The #1 big issue how big is your audience and how often will they play at 50.00 a pop. I am thinking not big or rich enough. Even airsoft groups have a hard time getting a regular crowd out 8 days a month and that is at 10 or 12 bucks a head.
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