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@lurkingknight -people walking out of the premise with AEG would not be possible as they would not be allowed to bring their own weapons to the event

@Danke -Yes I've thought about that option as well but the few I've looked at would not suit the type of environment that I am seeking. But I will not rule it out.

@Styrak - Of course money is always an issue with these things but, I'm trying to also estimate the amount of capital I'd have to raise. This is would not be a setback.

@Brian McIlmoyle - Yes I was planning to do that as well to see how each host operates their events

@takagari - No I have not yet hosted my own op yet because I found out using airsoft weapons over lasers and paintballs for the event suited the need for realism I was seeking. I do realize I have much to learn which I plan to do more of.

Does anyone have horror stories from failed events so that I can learn to avoid one?
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