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Regarding "Teams"

I have lots of questions regarding the airsoft community itself, mostly due the fact that I'm a crusty old guy and set in my ways, and learning the secret handshakes as I go is not all that appealing to me. I like to learn as much as I can before leaping in headfirst.

My buddies and I have access to a field (privately owned) lots of outbuildings, treed areas, and a large, structurally sound, abandoned house. It's where we're cutting our teeth on airsoft. Following all the conventions... Kill rags, mercy kills etc.

Now, it stands to reason that we would like to play together.

So, I have questions regarding teams.

What is the general opinion regarding "non military themed teams"? As in, not portraying an actual military squad? Obviously this wouldn't fly in a Milsim, or a themed game requiring certain gear of course, but if safety comes first, and rules are being followed and sportsmanship is paramount... Is it an issue to theme a team in a non- conventional way?

As an example ( and no... This isn't what we're considering) but if a team showed up in pinstripe suits carrying Tommy guns (all safety requirements met) and called themselves the Rumrunners, would anyone care? Would it be seen as some sort insult to the game, or would it be a welcome fun addition? After all, an opponent is an opponent, right?

Would this be seen as an affront to the sensibilities of more "military themed" teams? We want to play, we want to ensure we're a welcome part of the community... But we also want to do our thing in our way, and ensure that others still want to play with us.
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