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King Arms all the way - I'm new as well and after trying a few other rifles out, I'm so very glad I went that route. It feels solid, has a nice shooting cycle, the price is right and looks awesome

Mind you, I ran right out and bought a 2nd right away...but that's just me OCD'ing on airsoft. Shit happens. LMAO.

Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
Already have:
Eye protections (Revision Sawfly and Revision Desert Locust)
Tactical vest (OTV are too hot right? Maybe I should get a LBV 88?)

Going to get:
Airsoft gun
Speedloader (not sure if that is useful?)
Sling (not sure?)
Mouth protection (not sure either?)
Anything else that is important?

I am now looking at a King Arms M4 AEG and the Classic Army M15A4. The prices are close (should they be?). Because I really don't know much about airsoft guns, I want to learn something about different brands. I know there is a good thread comparing AEG Brands , but sadly that didn't cover the King Arms. As M4 of both brands are being recommended as starting gun, it would be really helpful if anyone can give some comparison between these two models or these two brands. If there are any other comparing AEG Brands thread, that would be great too.

And the AR-15 magazines for most big brands are interchangable, right?

Thank you very much!
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