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Originally Posted by Bois Brule View Post
Name's Rod.
I'm 39 years old.
I grew up around firearms, got my first Red Ryder when I was 9 (you'll shoot your eye out, kid!) and the year after, I got an Anschutz .22 long rifle.
Spent my summers playing cops and robbers in the woods behind my house.. Somehow I was always a robber, never a cop.

I like what I like... Longboards, motorcycles (wrenching,rebuilding and riding), slingshots (handmade hand cannons is a better term), pellet guns, drawing, playing my banjo, Xbox junkie... And I make no excuses for any of it.

Airsoft appeals to me a great deal, and I am eager to become part of the community. I'm competitive, but only in a fun way. Fun always matters more than winning to me.

I'm eager to learn as much as possible, and look forward to getting out and meeting some of you. I will have a billion questions.

Pleased to be here.
Welcome to the chaos Rod!

I'm 39 years young as well so it's nice to know I'm not the only one still young at heart around here

I've been running the gamut as far as what's what with the equipment and the best places to buy, been researching for months already but only playing for 2 weeks.

Drop me a PM if you need some quick answers. Also, age verification appears to be important, you could be 16 after all *snickers* - so, find out where in your area they do that and contact the rep asap.

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