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If you wear glasses (goggle ess xt you install a small 12v computer fan)
If not, rated safety glasses or ess xt's
New boot offering ankle support (best summer boot is still Canadian forces mk3
About 80$ new grade 2) check wide
Clothes! You will never have the right one!!!!
Just get the one that green! Woodland Marpat of
Stay away from black, desert and multicam at first
Get used stuff if you can!
Rain suit... Green
Aeg... CA, TM, g&g, ICS,systema.... Rules!!! Whatever!!!!
Get the one that gives you a hard-on
BUT.... Accessories is what will kill your budget!
Check the price for m4 mid caps mag vs sig 552 for example
Mags.... 8 mid caps will allow you to Play all games
A radio (motorola walkabout style) and head set
A mag belt... Just try crawling with a tac vest then will talk
A screen teeth protector 9$ broken tooth up to 1200$ any questions?
A matching hat or baseball cap(no hole behind)

Play like that for the first year and you will realize that most of the crap
You had been hearing was just that...

Ps by 24 months of playing and you will own more military clothe then civilian
And have a boxe filled with all the shit you purchased the first year that you don't use
Like all of us!!!


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