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Get whatever you like for an AEG. Try to get something with common spare parts. Mechboxes like V2 or v3. Convert to deans and get a 7.4 lipo.


Charger: WITH THIS

For goggles, go to fields and try em if you can. If you got an asian face, try X500s or any asian face fit goggles. I use x500s with glasses.

For gear: Cheap out
When you see the amount of gear for airsoft on the field, you will choose what's best for you.

Also pistols are almost useless I find in games, it's more of a novelty item.

On boots, you must decided which boot looks more prettier than the other player's boots. Choose a boot for your field of area. Hot weather: breathable lightwight boot, wet field: goretex boot. But airsoft is fashion, so choose the cutiest boot! I love Swat originals, Jungle boots (MADE by USA not CHINA crap), and pallium boots for lightweight.

If you go with my guide you may spent less than 400$ including whatever AEG you get.
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