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Bois Brule
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Name's Rod.
I'm 39 years old.
I grew up around firearms, got my first Red Ryder when I was 9 (you'll shoot your eye out, kid!) and the year after, I got an Anschutz .22 long rifle.
Spent my summers playing cops and robbers in the woods behind my house.. Somehow I was always a robber, never a cop.

I like what I like... Longboards, motorcycles (wrenching,rebuilding and riding), slingshots (handmade hand cannons is a better term), pellet guns, drawing, playing my banjo, Xbox junkie... And I make no excuses for any of it.

Airsoft appeals to me a great deal, and I am eager to become part of the community. I'm competitive, but only in a fun way. Fun always matters more than winning to me.

I'm eager to learn as much as possible, and look forward to getting out and meeting some of you. I will have a billion questions.

Pleased to be here.
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