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It annoys me when people change their mind about buying something and simply stop replying to PMs. If you dont want something thats fine, even if you made me go through the trouble of getting a box, and providing an accurate shipping quote.

BUT HOLY CRAP have some common courtesy and just say to me "no thank you" at the very least. I understand things happen with life, with your financial situation. There is no need to be cease communications.

Your a big boy. Your an adult. You should have better manners.

Oh another thing is sellers that dont respond to PMs. I have seen some people log in and out several times a day and ignore my PM. Im trying to give you my money. Your making it really hard to do so by not answering me.

Sure they may have another buyer lined up before me but is it really hard to send a quick message telling me so.

Thats my little rant over.

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