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On a side note, trying to point out a flaw in a friendship and not in a vender has no bearing here. As a friend, Making sure a friend is safe and not entering an area where said person can be brought up on charges or any laws are broken is what a friend should do. When he turns 18 go for it buy what you want. I keep my Airsoft in a locked gun safe with triger locks. Not everyone stores there items like this. If one of his friends steals the item and commites an offence with it. Who do you think its going to fall back on. The only Vender in barrie with a store front supplying these items. I dont know George that well but im sure he is happy that this has been brought to his attention. I am not a person to turn my back on someone do to a mistake. After ready about former members on here and there issues I see many of you are like that so I will not be having large interactions with a large number of you. I also see legit people on here willing to help and make solid friends and work towards bettering the community. Those are the people I want to interact with. I have heard good things about a few of the staff here and thats one of the reasons why I joined.

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