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He has no issues with the outcome of this event, He has got his full money back on transfer to a person that is of age. As fare as the Rat statement how about we all just let retailers sell to minors, then let those minor create a situation the further restricts the sales and use of these items, let the venders all get shut down do to this and a perm ban be placed upon canada do to ignorance and lack of knowledge by the members and venders. This sound great to me.. Sorry but instead of trying to Start and issue maybe really issues should be looked at. this being a real issue has been looked at. There are reasons for the laws we have if you want to be a contributer to the restrictions thats your choice however I do not feel we need to struggle to do what we all love to do. It could potentialy takes one person to rune it for the rest. I have seen the threats of airsoft in the media here. Barrie has had its fair share of run ins. I dont think being know for venders selling to under aged people should be added to the already unstable environment here. Laws are Laws, there for the protection of the public and the Venders. You break them then we all start to lose what we love.

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