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Originally Posted by Jestershot View Post
I just got off the phone with Joey, As it sits now he did his research and found its not Illegal for him to own it but to have been sold it. Joey is a very respectable Minor and I do trust in him not to do anything with a lack of common sence. As fare as I know he did hand it over to another of his friends that was formaly on here and used to be varified but did lose it do to a few old mistakes that have been learned from. I do trust this person as well. Joey however did not state in full he was going to return it to the vender. He said he Might be able to bring it in on friday. This matter is now closed as to the AEG is in the hands of someone over the age of 18, who also has his restricted and none restricted firearms licence and owns a few real firearms and is more then capable of proper storage and what ever needs be.

On a side note, Airsoft as a community is always negatively effect by any PERSONS being foolish against the laws of out province. Wether its the sales of it to a MINOR, A friendly player that was selling them out of there house because its hard to get them. (looked at as smuggling and sales of replicas) a criminal act or even a PERSONS that has bough said items and acts like a fool with it. We all have seen the news and have heard of situations regarding airsoft. These actions are the reason its a shady area for all of us.
There has been so much conflict within the are of this. Any negative attention the what we use to play with is never a good thing. The public will start to frown upon the use of them, making it harder to play with and making it harder for sales. right now there is a market be it unstable market for airsoft. any more restrictions and we could lose this all together.

I personaly regard this matter as closed. Thank you all for your quick responce and working as a community.
So you trust your respectable minor friend so much that you rat him out because he's ONE year shy of 18? You trust him so much that he can't even possess his airsoft gun that he paid for and it's been handed over to a former ASC member with his AV status revoked? Don't get me wrong, I applaud your vigilance in enforcing the airsoft sales min age and I'm sure the community appreciates that you just averted a crisis. I bet your trustworthy friend can't stop thanking you for what you did.

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