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No worries good sir. Alls this thread is here for is to rectify the mistakes of someone of this community so that this does not happen again this time involving someone that will be foolish with it. I would play beside Joey any day of the week. Just because he lied to get something to get involved in this sport does not mean he is a bad person. I have played with AV'd players that do not call there hits, Have started fights of the field and also have disrespected other players in a act of thinking there better then someone just by there equipment. I would welcome anyone of maturity that is willing to follow rules just to be able to play something that they have a passion for. I have played beside Joey before out in the Bush, (after contacting proper enforcement) and he always calls his hits, always has a smile on his face and just loves to be involved in a sport with others of the same heart. the only thing stoping him is the fact he is 17 and not 18 other then that he would be a great player and a great contributer to this site and sport.

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