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I am 25, Have my firearms licence and just because I am not AV'd here does not mean I am not of age I do not plan to buy from here there for I do not need my AV'd. I can buy from an out of country vender and have the specs on order to that of a class of small arms and have then brought to me under my firearms licence. I do support the venders here but unless its something for gear I dont really see myself using them. I am here souly for game events that could interest me and or random posts of peek interests. There are people here that are also not AV'd that buy from eachother all the time and do come to events. Being AV'd is not an all powerfull thing have proper knowledge is the best defence against losing venders and players.

Both parties involved are at fault. Both had proper jobs to do, One checking for ID and the other providing it without lying.

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