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And my reply to Rom, Sales of a firearm requier an ID check, Although most class these as toys they are not in the eyes of the government. these are replicas and we need to be thankfull there is no permits to sell these. wether the buyer gives false info the vender selling any projectial firearm should be checking ID. Not getting ID for smokes in not as bad as buying something you can shoot another with. last time i check I have never been shot with a Canadian Classic well walking down the street. Regardless of what the Minor states and we all can agree that most minors seeing a replica firearm will try to go to the extremes in somecase to buy these. As a AV'er, Rep for AC and a vender all cautions should be taken. Its not the minors responsability to be honest but the venders responcability to do proper checks. All kids lie to get what they want. I did it as a kid and so did you guys. George is a good guy, he chambered a round that could have been aimed at him as a business.

The fact that I have read the statements The buy gave false info and what not could leave me to believe others have sold to minors with the attitude well its not my fault the buyer gave false info. please make better choices in words. lets all not forget we are all judged for things like this. If people are caught being foolish all the time then the general public will think that everyone that has or plays this sport is as well.

When your 18 your legally bondable. Law figures you have had 17 years to develop a general common sence and should now be held to your own action.

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