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The sale of Airsoft to minors is something I take very seriously. Its looks like I made a huge mistake by going with my judgement. I was way off. The purchaser of the AEG in question has been in the store a few times. I have spent many, many hours with (Joe) finding out what will work for him and getting him prepared to come play with our group

I figured Joe to be mid 20's. About 23-25. Hes looks down on me and was very smart and polite. I did ask to make sure he was over 18 which he said (oh yes over 18) I did not however ask to see his ID when after spending hours together he Decided on which AEG he was going to start with.

We recorded his full name, Address, Phone number and even facebook info for him to get into the group of local players. At no point did i even consider him to be under 18. Throughout our time together I was deceived as to his real age.

This is completely my fault and my poor judgment on this persons age. Any one in the future expect to be ID'd if your under 40. Now days you just cant trust anyone and I realize you cant even come close to knowing someones age by how they look and act.

Arrangements are underway right now to get the AEG back from Joe. We have all his information and this Issue will be resolved immediately.

I will keep the thread posted with whats going on as it happens.
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