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Well I am off to work. Like I stated I can provide Recipt of trasaction and location. A statement of who sold and the Bank account statement has his date of birth on it as further proof of being a MINOR. I do not want to see any further negative reactions towards this sport. Hope you all understand that I am looking out for the best interests of the whole over the interests of the one. we already have made it on the news to many times over minors and there actions. If sales to minors keep up then we could lose sales of these all together. I for one do not want to see this. Its hard enough to find what you want out side the basic G36,MP5, M4/16 and AK models. It was hard enough for me to find my G3,FAL and a few others not to mention the price for PTW military grades. If these were easier to obtain im sure we all would be a bunch of happy players. I leave you with the praying that this minor doesnt hurt someone else or make us public because of his actions. Staff if further investigations need be fell free to pm me for proof of my claim.

Thanks and have a good night airsoft Canada.
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