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Not to sure were this rant belongs

Well as I have come to understand sales of airsoft as a replica to anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed, A week ago a friend of mine walked into Canada wide airsoft being newly turned 17 walked in and talked to George and a Jesse. George turned and asked with out a follow up of ID are you 18. My friend replied like any MINOR would yes i am and George said ok. Then sold him a G&G Scar replica. now after reading many threeds on here and the fact you need to be 18 to be varified on here to buy and might I that George is the age Verifier for this area should have asked for ID. The Transaction was done through debit and is now logged on this person Bank account. As I have also come to learn sales of a replica which most airsoft are classed as is a finable offence. I as a player over the age of 18 am rather pissed of this sales to a minor. If lets say this KID turns around and does something stupid who do do you think this will come back on. Us as a community. If we have to be Aged varified to buy used AEG and what not on here then what right does an Age Verifier have to not check the ID of someone buying from there shop. I am always ID'd at canadian tire when I need something (IE). A Knife or even that GameFace Classic army clone m4 they carry. As of this point I know that his parents are rather Pissed off about the sales of a firearm to a kid. If players and other members of this community have restrictions do to the lack of common sence then I am requesting action be taken against this person as a punishment for selling to a MINOR. I will also add this isnt the first time a friend of mine at 17 has bought from this person without being ID. If need be I can give the persons name. The Item he Bought anf the time of the transaction and getting him to prove his age isnt hard at all being every ID he has has his date of birth on it.

Thanks for listening and hoping the sales of these items stop to People that are not legaly binding. It looks bad on all of us if one person screws up. why give these type of chances out.
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