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Originally Posted by ccyg8774 View Post
just wikied, and found that:
"First generation passive devices, introduced during the Vietnam War, were an adaptation of earlier active GEN 0 technology, and rely on ambient light instead of an infrared light source."
Therefore, it would be reasonable if they don't see IR Chemsticks.
Yeah, except no. (you get an F for reading comprehension)

Gen 0 were active devices, they absolutely required a large IR projector in order to work; no IR projector, no night vision.

Gen 1 did not require an active projector as it could intensify low levels of ambient light (passive), but they could still see IR light sources.

Point in case, most Gen 1 NV devices have an IR light source. My Gen 1 NV has no problem seeing the IR stobe on my SF HL1, various remotes and yes, IR glowsticks. On Gen 1, don't expect much by way of illumination with the IR glowsticks; they're more like glowing markers (think glow in the dark tape in the visible spectrum).

@Op your glowsticks were duds.
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