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Originally Posted by JLiang View Post
I'm looking for good-quality gear, preferably not clones, but it can be if needed.

The patterns I like are mostly Digital, like CADPAT, Type 07, etc. and need to be green-based to suit my vest.

I can read Chinese, and that forum would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply!
If you are looking for non-clone NATO gear, don't get them in China. They are way more expensive in China. Take a look on ebay, sometimes the slightly used gear are incredibly cheap in North America. (I used to get a set of ACU for $20 and MCCUU for $40, from US, and same set would cost 600-700 RMB each in China. )
CADPAT are even harder to find in China. I would sell CADPAT to players in China for profit if I can. Seriously.

The forum I would recommend for you is 百度贴吧 黑鹰坠落吧

you can find links to online gear store, and search for post about offline store there. Please look the rules and the 精品区 before posting a question there.

There 2 types of clones in China, the 山寨 (AKA 渣寨) and 复刻 (AKA 妇科). 山寨have poor quality, while the 复刻 have a reasonably quality. You can soon easily find the difference.

They have other jargons, too. If you are confused there, you can @ccyg8774 (yes, same ID name) in any post to reach me.
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