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Originally Posted by JLiang View Post
Hey guys,

I'm going on a trip to Mainland PRC, so I've got a question. It's not about guns, importation, blahblahblah because there's no airsoft there. :sadface:

However, I'm looking to add to my loadout, so does anyone know of good army surplus stores anywhere in the Beijing/Shenzhen area?

I know AirsoftPark is based in Shenzhen, and that there's an unspecified one somewhere in Beijing, but does anybody know of any other places?

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
What kind of gears are you looking for? Chinese good clones or bad clones for NATO gears? Or CPLA gears?

If you can read Chinese, I know a Chinese forums about tactical gears (No airsoft), and most of the members are actually in Beijing or Shenzhen. Many stores in these two areas. I think these two places are the best place to get tactical gears in China.
If you can't read Chinese that is fine too, I can still translate you some information from there.

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