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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
It's a good point.

A lot of legit shit is made in china... so where are the clones coming from?

Are they off the same factory floor that have been 'appropriated' by employees looking to make an extra buck?

Are they factory rejects that did not meet quality assurance inspection, or defective in some way?

Are they they manufactured to the exact same specification, plus material, but they have not paid for the certifications to put that stamp on it?

Are they shitty reproductions made of the cheapest material, using the cheapest manufacturing method that can be found to make it a reasonable copy of the original, by a company that is there one day, but gone the next, only to have a new name somewhere else?
There are American or European brand stuff that are made in China. They will have good quality control, no problem. Where it is made from is not what matters here.

There are good Chinese clones that have a Chinese brand which they will keep for a long time. Most of these companies started by producing for a American or European company at first, later they decided to start their own brand name, with a slightly changed design or/and product name. They do this on purpose to avoid the copyright issue, because the gear is now slight different. Still a copy, and the quality is reasonable.
Would I buy their tactical vests and pouches? Sure. Why not.
Boots? Maybe, if I can try them first.
Eye protection? NO. I would rather buy an industrial eye protection made by the same company that is properly certified, not cloned military eye protection.

There are bad Chinese clones, some like you said, they are there one day, but gone the next, only to have a new name. Some don't have a company or brand name at all, and use the name of the genuine stuff to sell.
Would I buy anything from them? HELL NO.
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