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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Sounds like you've taken a good step forward. If your serious about doing your own maintenance, upgrades, etc; find an experienced gun doc to show you the finer points of quality, shimming, etc. Do yourself a favor, and buy "quality" gear. "Buy cheap, buy twice"; is a good ol' ASC moto. Sometimes it's buy three, four times.

Sorry to hear your first "serious" game didn't go smooth. It is a sport where mistakes do get made, by everyone. And you numb yourself to BB hits over time. Except knuckles, ears, nose, etc.
Great advice, thanks! Ya by the end of the day it was more of a 'here we go again' type feeling when the full auto or cheap shots came raining down.

BUT, I know that the place I went too isn't really the best representation of the sport, by far, they even sold me a used charger that is now not working after only charging 2 batteries. 7.4 Lipos. So, I will go back again to test some things I've changed out, but really I'm looking for a team of mature players who milsim a bit and are willing to take on a non-military background individual who just wants to get in and get dirty.
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