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CQB or field. It's really comparing apples to oranges. Your loadout, choice of equipment, tactics and play style can all vary quite dramatically between the two, and even from venue to venue you will find some significant differences.

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Being good at airsoft im not really concerned with, having a good time is all i care about. Ive had great times at games where ive been a bb magnet. I gotta admit im kind of skeptical of ttac3. It looks like a maze inside a very small area, it looks alot like a "surprise your hit" kind of venue. What would you say sets it apart from other cqb venues?
Several years ago when I first got into airsoft, TTAC3 was one of the first places I explored. Yes, it looks small from pics. And yes, when you first walk in there, it is rather small. However, the modular wall system they implement allows for an endless number of possible configurations and scenarios.

Regardless whether you prefer CQB or outdoor games, try different venues and give them all a chance. Try them multiple times. Different locations and different players (even at the same location) will be different experiences, and you may just discover a new fave venue and meet some cool new people who end up being great close friends.
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