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Interesting aspects of CQB

Personnaly, I don't necessarily have a preference between one or the other... I've played various games on the same fields and each time the dynamic of the game varies depending on the scenarios, objective and group of players.

I don't know about Ontario, but around here we have (had) access to great CQB fields. What makes them great to me is that they are (were) actual closed down buildings. It seems to me more realistic to have engagement in life size rooms instead of garden sheds. We also play on paintball fields, but then again some outdoor fields around here have large scale villages which offer plenty of space for CQB engagements.

As Brian said, I think CQB requires to develop specific skills and team coordination and that's what I like about it. The OP mentionned that he didn't really care about "being good"... in my case, I get my kicks when I feel I'm improving or that I did a good maneouvre with my teamates. I find that in CQB, you really need to be methodical and have good team coordination. Since the pace is faster, if you lose contact with your teammates you'll get caught up pretty fast.
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