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It's a good point.

A lot of legit shit is made in china... so where are the clones coming from?

Are they off the same factory floor that have been 'appropriated' by employees looking to make an extra buck?

Are they factory rejects that did not meet quality assurance inspection, or defective in some way?

Are they they manufactured to the exact same specification, plus material, but they have not paid for the certifications to put that stamp on it?

Are they shitty reproductions made of the cheapest material, using the cheapest manufacturing method that can be found to make it a reasonable copy of the original, by a company that is there one day, but gone the next, only to have a new name somewhere else?

This is why buying unknown china made stuff is dangerous, you don't know which one you are getting. The question is if you want to roll the dice on matters of safety.

To me, paying for that certification is paramount. It means there is a paper trail to follow in terms of accountability if a product fails on the job. Where is the accountability in a fly by night manufacturer?

What makes it more muddy is that companies can reproduce trademarks and etchings so well that you think you are getting legit, tested product with proper certification when you aren't.
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