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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Well If I was you I wouldn't have bought 2 guns before the vest. But thats just cause I like having somewhere to put my shit. Having 2 guns is a bonus cause if one goes down the other is a back up. Pick up a Double rifle case ASAP though, they are a crazy useful.
Thanks Cobalt!

I was told these things break down, just a fact of the game, so I took that to heart knowing anything with moving parts will eventually break. I also looked hard into learning the internals and how it all works together, so if something does happen I am ready with tools on hand to get it repaired or at the very least diagnosed ASAP so I can get back on the field

Loving the KA M4, metal internals as well externals - great value and thanks to all those who pushed me in that direction.
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