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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
For every one of the stupid gits who listen to other stupid gits and end up with crap guns...

there are about 6 new guys lurking.. listening... reading.. researching and getting involved and setting out on the right foot.

it's easy to paint all new players with the same brush.. but in my experience its not really the case.

To a degree... here on ASC the idiots are running the asylum ... but it is not representative of the community at large.

I bump into new players all the time who practically never post here.. but none the less glean most of their info from here.. winnowing the wheat from the chaffe. The typically end up well kitted and prepared ...
Thank you Brian!

I've been to two games. One was a 'vets' game. The other a 'high school group' game. Had no idea or I may not of gone.

I've already spent close to $1400 on equipment. You wouldn't know it cuz I show up with the box the gun was bought in.

This is a fantastic sport. Like every sport there are those who have that 'jock' attitude and those who are actual real humans who just love the sport and want to help on occasion. I'll take the advice from those who just want to help.

I'm sure there are lots of 'newbs' who are like some of you are saying. But that is like saying all Russian immigrants are criminals. It's sadly and grossly wrong. Period.

From my POV - I show up at a CQB event at adrenaline paintball, my first game ever, not knowing what to expect, not knowing a single person, feeling a little socially uncomfortable to start with, get shoved around a bit, shot at too close a range more than once with mercy rule in effect (within 5-10 feet - those shotguns really hurt), shot multiple times after yelling 'HIT' and holding up my weapon, shot point blank in the face in the 'safe zone' and got zapped more than once on full auto in a semi auto only environment.

This was 'vets' night, not the 'highschool' night. Highschool night was actually a little more fun, more laid back, though I am almost 2x the age of the players that night and really didn't enjoy the quality of the gaming, but at least I got to try my new gun site out.

So, ya, some of you vets, your just so awesome. Thanks for the warm welcome. Good thing I'm NOT taking the example laid out for me as the way this sport works in general. And shame on you for the shoddy treatment of a new player, who is doing his time to figure this shit out.

I've already learned how to swap springs, change hop ups and barrels, modify the guns in general and proper care. I'd probably have a vest as well but thought full face protection a better buy with funds draining due to buying what are supposed to be quality guns. Before the vest I'll be buying boots. So ya, next week, when I show up again on Vet's night, I'll be the guy in the hoody and jeans with full face and boots.

Shake your heads at me if you like.

Or better yet, try shaking my hand.

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