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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
Being good at airsoft im not really concerned with, having a good time is all i care about. Ive had great times at games where ive been a bb magnet. I gotta admit im kind of skeptical of ttac3. It looks like a maze inside a very small area, it looks alot like a "surprise your hit" kind of venue. What would you say sets it apart from other cqb venues?
Why skeptical?

Regular set up is "small maze" just like your apartment, or an office space. It simulates close quarters. We have build apartment sized layouts including furniture and doors there - pain in the ass to work in, as well as more open alley type set ups.

"surprise your hit"? You bet! not sure if you came across it before, but one of mantras of CQB is "Speed, surprise, and violence of action". On a good night TTAC3 has all those and then some.

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