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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
maybe it was just the dim light of sgt splatters but I couldnt see any of my bbs' , and I couldnt tell where I was getting hit from and because I couldnt see my bbs I wasnt sure if I was hitting anyone or if someone else hit them.

I know these places share with paintballers, not a huge deal for me, but I would imagine that if you prefer cqb you must get tired of cleaning up paint no?
Why do you need to see your bbs? Are your sights not set?

And If you could not tell where you were getting hit from, that is because you did not see the shooter.

CQB requires the development of certain skills and technical proficiencies. It is a very different environment from the field.

Air soft guns are great tools for use in CQB situations, they have an effective range within the distance of most engagements in CQB situations.

Airsoft guns are poor simulators for field engagements.. The field game lacks realistic engagement distances, you can see people clearly long before you can engage them, and bushes are effective cover.

It's just not that good from a realism standpoint.

CQB on the other hand is an excellent simulation and really tests the skills do the shooter.

I'd rather play CQB any day of the week over a field game.
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