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You seem to be really set on the Moto HT1000 - I am confused because you seemed to want help, but are dead set on ignoring it.

For someone who didn't know the difference between UHF and VHF when you first posted here, you've gotten this idea in your head that this Moto MT1000 MUST be the radio for you, and nothing anyone says is going to change your mind.

The MT1000 has been out of production for awhile, and well it is an excellent radio, you are painting yourself into a corner. I've owned a Moto Saber 1E previously, same deal: Awesome radio, pain in the butt to get a headset because no one is making connectors for it anymore.

The MT1000 needs custom software and cables to program it, and if you try and take it to any Moto service shop here in Canada to do that for you, they won't do it - the FRS/GMRS freq bands are for those devices only, not any UHF radio. You can find ebay sellers who will program the radio for you when you first buy it, but after that you are up a creek WRT programming as you will need to buy programming cables, software and a really old computer - cables use serial ports and the software is designed to be run (generally) on Windows 3xx or DOS.

To get this radio up and running, you are looking at around $200USD for the radio and programming cable, plus the software and an old computer or laptop.


You could take some advice from this thread that the people above have kindly given and get yourself a nice UHF 5W programmable radio (see the little numbers??? You enter freqs with those, no programming cables, software etc) for about $80 CAD.

Don't get so wrapped up in a headset - it's only an accessory, the radio unit itself is what is going to be there for you and let you talk to your buddies when you need it to.
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