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Originally Posted by fantastix View Post
Here is a good warning against playing with substandard equipment.

I got a mesh mask which had begun to split out of its rubber cowling by the second game. There was only a 3mm space, so I didn't think much of it.

I took a single round on an angle that got through the crack and bounced off the upper and lower edge of my eye socket before landing in my mask.

It didn't do any damage, but a slightly different angle and I would have taken one in the eye.

There are a few fields around here that support ballistics goggles, and I see people coming in with spacing in excess of a centimeter on the sides. I try to tell them it's a matter of time, but getting through is hard.

Note: This happened about a week ago. I've been playing for 8 years, so this isn't a case of new player dumbassery. It's important that you check your goggles for gaps. Even several of the paintball quality masks I've had, have had gaps that a bb could easily sneak through.

To keep with theme, aside from real injuries like nails through feet and torn ligaments that I've seen, one that comes to mind for me is a point blank shotgun blast. 3 rounds, 3 knuckles, a 20 second string of profanity.
This is a good post because it outlines the importance of maintenance, but it's not limited to substandard equipment. It can simply happen if you're equipment is not set properly (as a newb I'm still working out the kinks).

For example, I played a round last game where my half-face mesh mask sat in such such a way that there was a small gap on top of my nose. Running around with my head tilted down a little was all it took for a BB to come flying in the top and hit my upper lip. Generally I have bad luck* and usually suffer an injury a month, but a half inch lower and it would have hit my bottom set of teeth and fuck that would have hurt.

Like fantastix said, make sure everything is set properly. Ears covered, mouth covered, and eyes - I've heard of some bad injures like BBs in the ears. As outlined by these posts it's something that can happen to newbs and vets so careful out there. Play safe so you can play again!

*Seconds before it happened the ref told me about the gap but I didn't think it was a big deal.
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