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Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
Sorry that I have to disagree your comment about PM shops especially the "overpriced" comment. I just got a message from one of the shops about their re-stock items:

This week special :
WE SCAR tan GBB open bolt $360.00
WE M4 CQB GBB open bolt $395.00
WE FULL METAL 5.1 Hi-cap. $199.00
WE FULL METAL M9 $205.00

I am not a big WE fan, but the price seems decent. And most of the time, the tax is already included. I bought a ICS M3 at the price of $ 350 (tax included) from there.

I like Mach1 & Torontoairsoft, but Mach1's price tends to be too higher than now the average norm. Torontoairsoft offers good selection but has some "service" disputes recently, and most of their item with attractive price has been out of stock for quite a while.

I am a serious buyer and often did some research before I visit them, and I always receive pretty good service. If these shops rip off every customers, they should not be able to be there for so many years. So I suspect the cases quoted here do not represent all the others' experience.

I think we should keep the PM shops option opened.

Bottom line: I want my purchase experience to be an enjoyable one, so I won't take any shit from any shops. On the other hand, I also pay my respect to them even though they may not have what I want. The end results: My visits and purchase are always pleasant.
when dealers at Pacmall lower their price that means they are saturated with overstock that needed quick turn around so they don't have so much cash tied up, rent are ridiculous at Pmall they as a store need to cover their high cost of doing business which means higher price than average, when they do lower their price like AMC use to do it's usually at the end of the month or when they have excess stock. either way my point is why go to the third hand when you can get them from the distributor. TA with all their current CS issue they in the end will always try to satisfy their customer no matter how ridiculous their demands can be. If they have changed their business practice good for them that means it's great for those in the area to have a reputable dealer but as far as my concern they have nothing in their store that interest me.

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