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Forum rules, we cannot tell you where to buy guns until you're age verified.

Most people will tell you that you need to spend at least $300 to get a good gun and I'm one of them. There are some anomalies out there in the upper end of your price range that, provided you get a well made and assembled one are good performers for what they are. The Aftermath Kraken (AK) being probably the best of those. But don't misunderstand IMO any AEG you can get for $160 or less probably isn't worth the money. Whereas if you spend twice that, you would get an AEG that would last you 10 times as long, if not longer. If you can up your price range to about $230 I would recommend a King Arms Nylon bodied M4A1, that gun is worth the money.

As far as what model of gun you should get thats really best for you to decide. Different gun suit different people, I can't tell you what will suit you best.

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