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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
20-30 ft is the max range of a lot of em.
Depends if CO2 is used and at what PSI.

I have several confirmed outdoor kills at 75-100'. Zero arc in trajectory. Had I changed the angle, it could easily go beyond that.

Disclaimer: I would not that those particular shots if someone was within 40 feet.

On the flip side, charging a nade for CQB is done to a much lower PSI. Typically would be gassed safe enough to discharge at 8-10 feet with the assumption that a longer range shot would need to be lobbed.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
They're really low velocity devices compared to rifles and pistols. CO2 may sting a bit at really close range, but nothing like a gun would.
Not true. That is why several of us always stress to noob grenadiers, that observing an MED is a must because they can and will hurt.

Freak accident: a madbull xm108 was gassed at what was believed to be 800PSI for an outdoor training event. The bottle had accidentally cooked off in the sun so it was even higher. As an xm108 was being loaded into a CAW m32 MGL, it discharged and flew over the loader shoulder and landed 50 yards away! He was fortunate all he ended with was a mouth full of BB's.

I can tell you that improperly charged that they will hurt you. If it had enough energy to launch the cherry up and land 50 yards away, significance damage/injury can occur!

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