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If you absolutely have to have something in-hand to play now, and budget only permits one set, I highly recommend paintball goggles only because that one purchase will allow you to play at just about any field. A set with detachable goggles/mask like the JT Flex series go a long way. Bonus is that you can pick up a set locally at just about any paintball field or proshop.

Never, ever, *ever* cheap out on eye pro. I've probably spent more on eye pro than any other single piece of gear just trying to find the perfect set for me. But in the midst of all of that experimenting, the JTs have been a staple. And *all* of them have been purchased from trustworthy vendors.

Tried list: Revision Sawfly, Revision Bullet Ant, ESS Profile NVG Turbofan, ESS ICE, JT Flex-7/8, V-Force Profiler, Raven NUVIS-1, Bolle T-800, generic mesh-lens mask (I put them on, decided no, ripped the lower off and attached it to my JT goggles)
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