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Originally Posted by Edit
Ok, seems like a page has already appeared before I finished this post, and quite a bit has been mentionned, no need to point it out.

Rule number one I was tought at the archery field (and it applies to anything else related to real rifles and toy BB guns) is that you never mix the weapons with alcool on the field. We are talking about guns in the presence of other individuals, I think that this should close the subject of alcool use. And yes, many will debate that a drink can't really screw up your judgment that much, and so did a multitude of adults at the local tournament I attended, but you drank a sip and you were off to home, tent or RV, period!

Now, that implies that anything illegal or not (be it by prescription or simply that it has not been labeled yet due to it's complicated access), that can have an effect on your senses and/or judgment, should not be used during a game for everyone's safety, no matter how benign the effect on your judgment.

Finally, there comes the plain and simple point that we want to keep this sport's reputation as clean as can be in the present anti-gun political situation of this day and age, and that WE, as a community, should not tolerate the use and/or possession of illicit substances previous/during/after events, period.

Drugs are illegal, so I don't see why there even is a friggin debate about this matter in the first place!

And that the only debate there is lies against pot-head teenagers who just want pot to become legal makes me laugh in a way. It's just sad that this board we call a community is so full of individuals who have absolutely no care what so ever about the well-being of the sport, but just want to brag to their friends that they can get a gun (or already have one) and want to bring it out to have fun at school, and maybe scare a teacher or two.

Now, I also have a bad news for those pot-head teenager kids: If and when it becomes legal to use marijuana in Canada, it will only be under prescription use, and being an idiot won't be one of the symptoms that will qualify your doctor to give that prescription... Too bad, most of you would probably qualify if it were the case, so fight hard all you want, you'll still be in total illegality by using it if and when that bill passes.

Before and after, you'll still end up not being able to use it on the field. Illegal things remain illegal, and we want then the heck away from our games.

-The Anonymous
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