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It's all just part of the progression of play.

If you have a local group that's solid and runs radios, and PTWs, and NODs etc. then expecting those guys to turn up at a dedicated night scrim with tracer units is not over the top.

If the local group rents and borrows guns and shows up in scruffy white runners and jeans then expecting them to bring along tracer units is a faint hope.

While I do somewhat tailor what I carry to the local norm I don't leave my gas gun at home if everyone else is running AEGs and high caps. And If I'm the only guy at a night game with a tracer unit I tailor my play to suit. Since it's usually on a gas gun with a mix of glow and plain BBs I can shoot and scoot and be the guy on the team who draws fire while the rest of the folks flank.
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