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I dont care what the effects may or may not be, injesting an illegal substance in a sport that is already in a legal grey area is jsut asking for trouble.

The bottom line is its illegal, so dont fucking bring it. I know many hosts will boot your ass if your caught with it on the field, simply for the trouble it can bring down with the police, ie: Cops find drugs on someone with an airsoft, decides to write it up as a replica, confiscates a bunch of crap and makes a whole mess of paperwork for the host to deal withm plus un-wanted media attention.

Don't do it, and if you think" Fuck you, i'll do what i want where i want, its illegal, but it dosn't harm you" then you are living proof it does harm you, cause your just plain fucking retarded.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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