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so the guy upstairs was Dragon Airsoft i believe, the bigger one downstairs is something Disc and the third is J&J

I went to the Splendid China Tower one too but they were closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so dunno what their prices were

The guy at J&J was the only one really willing to help us from the beginning. I don't think he knows much about what he's selling though, kept telling me green gas was better than propane because it shot harder but couldn't say how much of a difference it was. He didn't sell gas adapters either which was why I originally went to P Mall, he also only sold green gas($25 a can). I also asked for a Scar H mag and he told me the M4 would fit np...I insisted they looked half the size of what my Scar H uses but he wasn't quite sure. He had mostly AsianEG rifles on the wall with the exception to a CA M14 DMR, a Ruger (correct me if i am wrong{sorry it's a MK1 sniper..}), rifle barrel, pistol grip with a pistol type magazine in the handle, very light and very minimalistic) and some SRC PDW. He was really into his co2 pistols saying how they shoot over 400fps and so, I said that's way too hot for indoor but he said it depends where you play and shrugged. I fondled the shit outta most of the guns on his wall and he didn't really mind, the SRC PDW however was missing a pin and the receiver almost fell apart in my hand as i brought it down. We ended up taking the baby glock by KSJ for 190 or something... and I would of impulse buyed the PDW there at I believe was listed as 280ish dollars.

The guy upstairs wasn't really interested in helping us, was too busy on his computer. My buddy really liked his KSJ 1911 MEUs, he didn't really want to let us touch them but gave in cause we kept pestering him to. His price sucked but he had some gems, a grease gun on the top shelf, a VFC Scar H w/ GL, bunch of Umarex HK boxes (G36kv, hk416) they were all over priced to be honest. My buddy ended up walking away with the Umarex VFC G36KV GBBR + extra mag for 500 and a MEU + extra mag for...230(?). Saw a MK23 silencer and almost jizzed myself, it didn't say what if it was 14 or 16mm CCW, he didn't know either but after a quick Google, I found it was 14 which made me cry inside.
******Side note....two police officers came up as we were fondling the g36, I asked if they were into this too but the first said no, he just needed something for his Real Steel AR15. He was complaining about the gun sling he sold him and the shop keeper agreed to replace it for him in 2 weeks when it was back in stock, hehe

The third store was the one that sold anime, they were also watching anime..... when we went in, there was a freaking annoying sensor that kept greeting us in japanese every time someone walked in. This store had a lot of staff inside, one was fixing a Ares M4, a girl behind the counter, another big dude doing nothing, another girl holding two ferets and some random weird looking fella. They wanted 350 for the KA m4 and wouldn't budge on the price, we told them we bought the g36kv and he wanted to chrono it for us. Most likely he was really curious about it, lol. We jammed the shit outta the gun and he tore it apart to fix it for us for free hahaha. Shit load of BBs got jammed right under the hopup was so the bolt wouldn't fully move forward anymore. Anyways, they had a caged showcase with some beat up guns and a newish Scar L w/ GL. They had a few m4s in a glass cage, a bunch of random pistols and accessories at bottom (pistols and revolvers of all sorts) and anime all of one side of the shop. These guys were pretty friendly fairly knowledgable. They kept talking smack about the guy upstairs though, joked about his breath, how he spoke and his stutter. /shrug

We actually went there to see Red Shark Airsoft at Splendid China Tower but only found it replaced by a shopped name Challenger that as stated above, did not open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays..

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