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Originally Posted by Goodriddance
If you don't want to see it (drugs), than don't look. Drive away. leave. Its illigal, like you said, and nobody's going to stop players from toking.

If it disgusts you, why are you around it?
We got a winnar?
YOU come to a game someone ELSE is hosting and start smoking pot. According to you people who dislike the sight should leave the game because of you?

Is there tool of the day award?

Just smell of that shit makes me sick... and sometimes some fuckwit is smoking pot close to where i live and i smell that shit half the night. Sleeping with closed windows is not a solution on hot days. Why do I have to loose sleep 'cause someone does illigal shit in "privacy of thier home" :rrr:
You dont choose who you love, love chooses you; and that little fucking son of a bitch sticks itself to your face like the godless bloodsucking bastards in Alien and refuses to let go until it has drained your soul and left you an empty shell of a human being.

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