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i just mix tracers with the whites. it's too much of a hassle loading a tracer after every 3-5 whites. i am completely ok with the tracers being random, so i just dump a jar of 2k into a bag of 4k whites. remember to mix well before serving.

i found tracer mags to suck donkey dick. you literally have to spray 10-15 rounds before the lit tracers start flying out. tracer units (silencers) i find work really well, but they have what i consider a huge drawback when playing with people who are running NVGs. when viewed through NVGs the tracer units let out a really bright pulse of light that can be seen from almost any direction. you basically become a strobe in the middle of the field.

my self i use a hopup tracer mod. i have 3 UV high output LEDs, one right at the top of the feed tube in-line with the nozzle, and the other two further down where i have room for them. the single top LED is wired to a tactile switch i moded into my Magpul AFG, which also houses it's power source. so this top LED only lights up when the tact switch is depressed. the two lower LEDs are wired directly to my MOSFET, and has another tact switch to activate it located under the bolt catch release. these two lite up when the gun shoots while the bolt catch is depressed, otherwise they remain off.

this set up lets me pick and choose when and how i use tracers. as an example, if i'm doing a lot of semi fire, i like to use the single top LED as it lights up the tracer BBs as they are loaded into the hopup and fired. the bottom two LEDs i use if im going to be doing any full-auto bursts. the main benefit to using a hopup tracer set up, is there is no strobe effect out the front of the gun, which makes it really difficult for NVG users to pinpoint my position. also, it's really nice not needing to run a tracer can on the front of the gun, so i can keep it short or run a longer barrel into a normal silencer.

also, HUTUs are fairly easy and cheap to make, and they work just as well and make the tracers glow just as bright as a silencer type tracer unit. they do give you more options as to how to set it up. it's nice to be able to control the tracer unit without moving your hands off your grip.
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