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Smile Playing with tracers

Hello gentlemen and gentle ladies,

recently I've changed my AEG for the longest one I could get without being a sniper, so I got a G3, and I added a tracer silencer.This way I get the best grouping at long range and I can see very precisely where BBs go.
Of course the thing is pretty long but it hasn't been a problem anyway.

After finding that it is extremely useful to set-up a hop-up, I noticed that my gameplay style changed a lot, and also that I started hitting my targets a lot more than before.
It came to a point where I'm able to hit laterally-moving targets, like people running across the field along the engagement line, a thing I was very bad at, before: since you see every BB, it becomes very easy to re-adjust your aim.
On the downside I don't really need to use my sights anymore, so my aiming stance suffered from that.
I also see very clearly when people don't call their hits

So basically my take on the tracer changed from the opinion that it is a gadget to considering it as a very effective/important feature, at least in medium-to-low light environnements.

What is your experience with tracers ingame ?
Do you think it should be considered as some vital element, would you advise other players to get one ?
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