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Originally Posted by Goodriddance
I take valium for my anxiety disorder. Does this mean I'm not allowed on the field? Someone who got 2 hours sleep is more dangerous to other player and themselves on the field than someone who takes benign drugs.

I agree, there can be liability issues with the field owner and the "culprits". So it stands that drugs shouldn't be consumed for that reason before or during matches. However... safety is not an issue.

Steve_187... I dont know why I argue with everyone on these forums. Just the people I guess. If you don't want to see it (drugs), than don't look. Drive away. leave. Its illigal, like you said, and nobody's going to stop players from toking.

If it disgusts you, why are you around it?

Liability issues... keep drugs off the field.
personal issues... keep them to yourself.
When it happens at PUBLIC events it is no longer personal. Regardless of what you say about it being "benign" does not change anything. Drugs, alcohol of any kind have no place at the field. Sure we can argue that 1 drink or 1 joint is not enough to affect us but that is completely not the point.

If you want to get high, then fine, go get high, just don't do it before, during or at any public airsoft game. Is that so hard to understand?
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