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oohh, thanks!

So I've been skimming those pages and I think I got an idea of it...

Let's say a FRS/GMRS user are on channel 2(462.5875MHz) And if I use a UHF radio, I can program that radio to have that same frequency (462.5875MHz) in one of my channels. So as long I get that correct frequency, I am able to send and receive calls from the FRS/GMRS radio to my UHF radio, right?

But I honestly don't know what people run around with in my area. It's a mix with talkabouts, Icom, and other radios I know nothing about. And the main reason why I want this radio is because it's the cheapest radio that's compatible with a certain headset I would love to have... Oh and apparently the Motorola HT1000 have UHF and VHF models. If that helps?
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