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Originally Posted by kyle milliken View Post
Well I finally have something to add to the thread. My Dad has a sponsorship with someone for his BMX racing and they send him out stuff from free helmets to bikes and, today was one of those days he gets a new toy. Now that toy was a Yess bike frame that cost around $450-500 so, what does Canada post do? Well they left it on the porch in a neighbor hood where anything from high end power tools all the way to cars go "missing". Good job Canada post you f*cking suck.

*edit* Just checked the frame and, it turns out it was custom painted just for him.*

Eh, the problem I have, is I can't get them to leave it at the door lol...

I hate how I live beside a Canada Post office, I also live 10 minute walk away from another one, yet 90% of the time I have to drive 15 minutes away to pickup small packages, while larger packages do go to the one where I walk 10 minute away T.T

Can't really complain, since the closest UPS pickup is retarded, and at least 1hr 30mins during rush hour to drive there after work and to find it closed of course.
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